Our Values

At Aviation Ground Handling, we strive to find the right person for the right job and ensure that our values of customer focus, professionalism and teamwork are shared by our staff.  As part of our broader Aerocare family, our work is conducted with respect, integrity, passion and enthusiasm.  Aviation Ground Handling is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such provides all people with opportunities based on individual merit.


Aviation Ground Handling pride themselves on maintaining a culture focused on safety for all, empowerment, versatile career options and opportunities for progression.  The aviation industry is ever changing and our environment is fast paced and full of energy.  We provide a platform for our individual employees to think ‘outside of the square’ and challenge themselves.  We seek people who  have a passion for innovation and the drive to succeed.  Feedback from our people is valuable and we ensure that we create many opportunities to express opinions at different stages of their employment.

Recognition and Benefits

We recognise that working in the aviation industry is a lifestyle, so we strive to assist our staff in finding that balance between work and home. In the spirit of flexibility the Company allows its employees to swap shifts and as part of the broader Aerocare family, Aviation Ground Handling are entitled to a broad range of employee benefits including a first class health and wellbeing program and access to an Employee Assistance Provider.

Career Opportunities

Aviation Ground Handling provides strong opportunities for career development and progression.  We are committed to investing in talent and providing a pathway of development for our staff.  As part of the Aerocare Group, employees of  Aviation Ground handling are provided with the support and resources to develop their knowledge and skills to succeed.  There is a clear path for a long term future with  AVGH and with numerous operations in Queensland, the opportunities are endless for a those ambitious individuals seeking a long term aviation career.



Career Opportunities


Expressions of Interest

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