Our Advantage

Aviation Ground Handling has a distinct competitive advantage amongst the Ground Handling Industry. Safety, consistency and a proactive attitude towards ground handling provides certainty and comfort to our customers.

Aviation Ground Handling enjoys a major competitive edge via a number of avenues:
  • We are committed to safety which is, and always will be, our first priority. This is synonymous with the Aviation industry at large.
  • We are fully owned by Queensland Airports with our head office domiciled at Gold Coast Airport.  Hence our viability is unquestionable and our substantial work force is well equipped, well managed and fully familiar with the required work environs.
  • A robust and relevant management structure.
  • We have proven experience in meeting our clients objectives via our current partnering arrangements at our various airport operation locations. This involvement has enabled our team to fully comprehend the varying client base needs. i.e. From a low-cost ethos through to regional and full product delivery.
  • A thorough understanding of the client’s strategy and the brands represented.
  • We enjoy a harmonious relationship with our work force who embrace our very flexible working arrangements.
  • Aviation Ground Handling prides itself on being an innovative, flexible, proactive and ambitious ground handling company with an appetite to grow and expand the business with emerging opportunities on the horizon. This is a reflection of the desire Aviation Ground Handling has to cultivate the true partnerships we enjoy.

In summary

Aviation Ground Handling has a proven track record in delivering best practice safety and performance for our customers and possesses the scales of economy necessary to deliver a cost attractive solution for our partnerships. We guarantee to drive continuous improvement through every aspect of our business to deliver win-win outcomes our partners are accustomed to.



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